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If a piece is broken due to a manufacturing defect, I will fix it free of charge. If it breaks because of wear and tear, if it can be fixed, I will fix it for the cost of the materials and shipping. All Orders are shipped within 7-10 business days and are subject to availability.

Healing Stones

What it all means:

Since ancient times, people have believed in the enhancing energy of stones. The beliefs have varied over thousands and thousands of years, but still exist today as a way of channeling energy and a gentle reminder of what it is within ourselves that we are trying to improve upon. The following is a brief description of the stones I offer in my jewelry. I have tried to pick out highlights of the energy and healing elements in each stone.

Aqua Marine: ranges from light to dark blue: throat chakra, utilized in the expression of truth through the voice. Good for sickness, especially for the eyes. Submerge the stone in water and then splash that water over the eyes. Calms nerves and is soothing. Good paired with Rose quartz. Improves sense of well-being and helps with procrastination.

Amethyst: translucent deep purple: (a third eye awakener, fire stone) restores harmony, its energy promotes self-healing, self-illumination, calms a troubled mind into a state of personal peace. Stills the mind allowing inner wisdom to be perceived.

Ametrine: a mixture of citrine and amethyst, will amplify the energy of both stones. Its healing energy releases negativity from the aura.  As Citrine does, it helps with concentration. Also helps in weight loss. Its citrine element will enhance your will and the amethyst elements will help you to break self-defeating habits that may be holding you back. Help in relieving depression and stress. Ametrine is also useful with people who have addictive personalities.

Azurite: Deep Blue sparkly like glitter, may have some green malachite on it, as they both grow side by side as a byproduct of copper. Azurite is a great stone to hold in Meditation and, if worn next to the skin during the day, it will help you to remember what you learned during your meditation. It is said to enhance creativity and inspiration. This gemstone is used to align all 7 chakras.  May aid your consciousness to rise to a higher level. Used in the Crown chakra, it will enhance your spiritual connection. Will help you to recognize a loving attitude in others and stimulate the same in yourself.

Blood Stone: very dark, almost green/black, with traces of red in it: an important healer, helps to transform to carry greater amounts of light and energy.

Clear Quartz: clear white: Promotes Healing, releases negative energy and hostility, awakens the mind and awareness of the soul. Also an enhancer for all other stones.

Citrine: gold to brown: reminds us not to judge, naval chakra, can be part of the crown chakra when one wants to gain greater perspective and insight into the souls connection with the infinite and the purpose of existence. Helps with concentration.

Carnelian: red/brown: a grounding stone. for spiritual growth, a power stone, a gem of the earth. It can help to teach one how to carve out a unique place in life, a grounder of energies.

Fluorite: clear pale green/turquoise color: Crown chakra, manifests the highest aspects of the mind-the mind is attuned to spirit. For dream enrichment, associated with the mind and mental enrichment. Putting higher knowledge into action on a physical plane. (Part of the mental trinity)

Garnet: deep red: Attracts loyal friendships and success in business. Promotes harmony. Its energy first purifies, then Energizes, instilling either intensity or calm, whichever action is necessary for balance. Will help cleanse and revitalize the entire chakra system, expelling negative energy.

Hematite: very shiny gray metallic gray: enhances self-esteem, a grounding stone

Lapis Lazuli: blue agate, with white/ black running through it, opaque: one of the power stones of the ages, to cleans the aura of a part of the past that is no longer necessary, to penetrate subconscious blockages in order to contact in intuitive neutral mind.

Malachite: Green with swirls of different shades of green (grows next to copper): “I am Malachite, the green fire, septor of the fourth ray, I am the dragon: dates back to the Egyptians. Emotional cleansing, used with Azurite and clear quartz, its deep healing green is used as a circle designs comprise the endless creative patterns inherent in malachite. The bull’s-eye in malachite is a powerful focusing tool that can be placed on the third eye for inner vision or concentration during meditation, can open any chakra system

Rainbow Moon Stone (rainbow moonstone): translucent white to Light brown/shades of brown, gives strength to the feminine vibration, helping give inner strength to women; it helps to sooth and balance emotions so that one is not living and identifying in an emotional state. Helps in the mastery of emotions and help heighten psychic gifts. Good with Peridot

Obsidian: black natural shine, very sharp and brittle: its energy center pertains to the earth, the physical, survival, and personal ego fulfillment, yet, it does not cater to the ego. a grounding stone.

Red Tigers Eye: opal like with shades of reds and blacks: courage

Rose Quartz: Pink: (a third eye awakener) the corner stone of the Heart chakra. healer of emotional wounds and the heart, teaching self love and forgiveness. It can take on the sorrow of humans. Provides a calming effect, which is helpful with pain or frustration.

Tigers Eye: opalesque, with shades of browns to blacks: good for new beginnings. Carries a high intensity of energy, the dark rays ground that energy into the roots of the earth. The variants in color combine the brown energies of the earth with the golden ray of the crown, naval center grounding the crown with the body.

Brown/gold tigers eye: self-describing, has a pearl essence look: Courage, with a grounding tendency through its darker tones. This stone is especially good for people who are uncommitted to life, spaced out, unable to manifest their will through action. Naval chakra.

Topaz: Golden yellow to shades of blue, ranges in color: Transit energies of the crown into the body or direct physical appetites towards the consciousness centers

Peridot: translucent green, a stone of lightness and beauty, positive energy, used in a necklace, peridot is a protector against negative emotions money and success. Pair with citrine to make the money happen now! This stone was believed to be a stone of springtime by ancients. It is a stone of lightness, therefore blocking negative emotions.

Pyrite: (fools gold) goldish very shiny, metallic: strengthens mental capacity and develops the higher faculties of the human mind, facilitates the growth of higher knowing (part of the mental trinity)

Sodalite: will bring your attention to the qualities of idealism and truth. Its energy may stimulate you to live up to your own ideals and ideas about the nature of truth. Mast stimulate latent creative abilities and aids teachers, writers and students understand the deeper philosophical principles. Its particularly helpful to aid the development of intuition. Excellent aid if you are doing public speaking. This is a third eye chakra  and throat chakra stone.

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